Jules Cotte was born in Burgundy, in Sens, on December 5, 1964.

He discovers painting, he remains amazed and wonders how these painting, these colors, can move him so much.

He leaves to live with his family in Gers.

When he was a teenager, he wanted to enter the art school, but a year later he decided to go and live in Lille to follow training as a Fashion Designer.

He signed his first freelance contract there, with a textile manufacturer specializing in Jacquard weaving.

The action of color on the human psyche remains a mystery to him.

He visits the Musée d'Orsay and discovers the first exhibition in the collection of Doctor Barnes, stops in front of the canvas the "Joy of Live" by Henri Matisse. He regularly returns to the Musée d'Orsay to study Impressionist paintings, but at that time, the one who, for him, is the <<school teacher> >> of color, is Vincent Van Gogh.

In 1990, Jules Cotte experimented with very graphic cubist studies and painted fashion figures.

Under the advice of a painter friend, he uses another much more fluid technique ...

Then began the great pictorial and philosophical journey by discovering the work of Paul Klee "Art does not reproduce the visible, it makes visible",  the universe of Zao Wou-Ki ... from abstraction.

He uses a mixed technique, with flaxseed oil, pure pigments, micas, pyrite, gypsum. He uses lapis lazuli, different calcites and mineral fragments of all origins. Jules Cotte is looking for a certain movement and fluidity , accentuated by the different layers of varnish.

Painting and the mineral world are inseparable for Jules Cotte.

What is revealed there, within the same painting, are the multiple relationships of echoes and analogies that can exist between characters with elements of the landscape.

This anthropomorphic nature is based on the cosmic concept of man and the world which respond to each other.

Now he lives in Provence.

He lived there for ten years during which his passion and curiosity about nature would awaken him. The mineral world and its colors already fascinate and intrigue him.

He regularly exhibits his work and participates in contemporary art fairs in France and abroad.

To look at it well, his creations look like mirrors.

This chap is somewhere else. Maybe, who knows?

in Alice's World on the other side of the mirror.

He paints polycarbonate patches, on the other side of

the dream.

What you see blue over the moment, if the light varies

or if you modify your angle of vision, you discover it

alternately silver, purple, or anthracite.

His tools, do not plan to find them at a painting shop:

Blowtorch, pincers, cutter, pebbles, pine needles..

In the cave of this child of Lewis Carroll also hide

essential minerals of his secret alchemy:

Gypsum, mica-schist, lapis lazuli, mother-of-pearls

or rock crystal ...

Jules Cotte is a repairer of linen of dreams.

Marc Trabys, painter